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How to Get in Your Reader’s Way

When the movie Avatar came out, I went to see it on opening day at a theater that was nearly empty. I predicted in my kick for that day that the movie would be a blockbuster and possibly become the bestselling science fiction movie of all time.

Why? Because the acting was superb? Because the characters were the most memorable, ever? Because the dialog was inspired? No, I suspected that the movie would be considered the best because it transported the viewer to another time and place better than any other science fiction movie. That’s the single most important factor in determining the financial success of a book or film.

How to Make Your Hero’s Self-Sacrifice Even More Heartbreaking

I don’t know about you, but I have a major thing for stories that include a hero’s self-sacrifice. In the stories that deeply move or affect me, heroic self-sacrifice is the consistent element. It’s also one that (no surprise) I keep writing about in my own books.

Writers: Beware of Body Parts Behaving Badly

We’re covering description deficiencies this month, and today I’m going to talk about “floating body parts,” or FBPs. If you’ve been writing fiction for some time, chances are you’ve seen editors and other authors discourage their use.

Writing And Editing Fiction: 7 Things To Fix In Your First Self-Edit

Even if you’re going to be working with a professional editor down the line, it’s always a good idea to take a crack at it on your own first. That way, you ensure your editor is helping you with problems you couldn’t have fixed yourself. You’ll learn more from their edit this way – and it will save both of you from wasting your time.

Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards: Behind the Scenes of a Writing Competition with Thriller Judge Jodie Renner

Today, as part of our Behind the Scenes of a Writing Competition series, Thriller judge Jodie Renner discusses how to avoid common mistakes and take your submission to the top.

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